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RMA Procedure

The Procedure

  • Report complaint/defect to you reseller/distributor, include pictures, a description of the defect and the serial number located on the rack.
  • Reseller/distributor will communicate with Rackmount.IT to find a suitable solution.
  • Solution will be communicated with the customer by the reseller/distributor.

Solutions may include but are not limited to:

  • Replacement of the unit
  • Refund
  • Shipping out replacement parts (in case of broken cables/couplers)

Units return to Rackmount.IT without attached RMA number and prior authorization by Rackmount.IT will not be accepted.

Approved RMA requests can be shipped to:

Rackmount.IT B.V.
Nonnenveld 27
4811 HN, Breda
The Netherlands

Or to our USA establishment:

Rackmount.IT LLC
9201 Metric Blvd - Unit A
Austin - TX 78758
United States

RMA shipments must be in the original packaging, exceptions to the should always be approved by Rackmount.IT.

RMA Form


Name of customer
Your address to send the new rack/materials to if needed.
Your distributor, if you got it from a distributor. Optional.
Your reseller, if you got it from a reseller. Optional.


Amount of products
Serial numbers of the products. Can be found on the rack. Please comma separate multiple numbers. If you don't have one, please write "None".


Please select all your complaints or add "other".
Please describe your complaint/defect with detail.
Upload pictures of defect, required for: Box/Rack damaged & Quality complaints. Files allowed: jpg, png, pdf, zip.