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BC-Rack / Barracuda

Barracuda F18
Barracuda F80
Barracuda X50
Barracuda X100
Barracuda X200
Barracuda F12

CisRack / Cisco / Cisco Meraki

Cisco ASA 5505
Cisco WLC-2106
Cisco WLC-2112
Cisco WLC-2125
Cisco ASA 5506-X
Cisco Meraki MS120-8
Cisco Meraki MS120-8LP
Cisco Meraki MX64
Cisco Meraki MX67
Cisco Meraki MX67C
Cisco Meraki MX65
Cisco Meraki MX68
Cisco Meraki MX68W
Cisco Meraki MX68CW
Cisco Meraki MS120-8FP-HW
Cisco Firepower 1010
Cisco ASA 5506-X

CP-Rack / Check Point

Check Point 600 series
Check Point 1100 series
Check Point 730
Check Point 750
Check Point 1430
Check Point 1450
Check Point 770
Check Point 790
Check Point 1470
Check Point 1490
Check Point 3100
Check Point 3200

FortiRack / Fortinet

FortiGate 60C
FortiGate 60D
FortiGate 60C
FortiGate 60D
FortiGate 90D
FortiGate 92D
FortiGate 90E
FortiGate 91E
FortiGate 70D
FortiGate 90D
FortiGate 92D
FortiGate 90E
FortiGate 91E
FortiMail 60D
FortiGate 80D
FortiWeb 100D
FortiADC 100E
FortiVoice Enterprise 100E
FortiGate 30E
FortiGate 50E
FortiGate 51E
FortiGate 52E
FortiGate 30E
FortiGate 50E
FortiGate 51E
FortiGate 52E
FortiGate 60E (+ PoE / DSL)
FortiGate 61E
FortiGate 60E (+ PoE / DSL)
FortiGate 61E
FortiGate 80E (PoE)
FortiGate 81E (PoE)
FortiGate 80E (PoE)
FortiGate 81E (PoE)
FortiSwitch 108E
FortiGate 40F

PA-Rack / Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto PA-220
Palo Alto PA-220

SoRack / Sophos

Sophos SG/XG 85 Rev. 1
Sophos SG/XG 105 Rev. 2
Sophos SG/XG 115 Rev. 2
Sophos SG/XG 125 Rev. 2
Sophos SG/XG 135 Rev. 2
Sophos SG 125 Rev. 3
Sophos SG 135 Rev. 3
Sophos XG 85 Rev. 3
Sophos XG 86 Rev. 1
Sophos XG 105 Rev. 3
Sophos XG 106 Rev. 1
Sophos XG 115 Rev. 3
Sophos XG 125 Rev. 3
Sophos XG 135 Rev. 3
Sophos SG 105 Rev. 3
Sophos SG 115 Rev. 3
Sophos RED 15
Sophos RED 50

SW-Rack / SonicWall

SonicWall TZ300
SonicWall TZ350
SonicWall TZ400
SonicWall TZ500
SonicWall TZ600
SonicWall SOHO 250

VT-Rack / Vertiv

Avocent ACS800 series

WG-Rack / WatchGuard

WatchGuard Firebox T30
WatchGuard Firebox T50
WatchGuard Firebox T10
WatchGuard Firebox T15
WatchGuard Firebox T70
WatchGuard Firebox T35
WatchGuard Firebox T55


The Rackmount.IT family strives to make high quality rack mount kits for all major desktop firewall manufacturers. Our rack mount kits offer a higher value, at a lower price! Front connections, secured power supply, custom cut-outs for airflow and a perfect fit for your specific firewall.


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