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About Us

Our EMEA Team

Eric Cantineau
Eric Cantineau
Founder and CEO of Rackmount.IT, don't let the racks go to your head Eric.
Minouche Kuus
Minouche Kuus
With an architectural background, there is no exKuus for Minouche to NOT develop your new rack mount kit.
Manon Polfliet
Manon Polfliet
Manon is our Global Operations Director. Text MAN ON if you want to have a quality conversation.
Manon Polfliet
Miranda Burgers
Our always smiling Operations Manager, considers eating at McDonald’s as cannibalism and thinks the Burger King is head of her own royal family.
Mike van Deelen
Mike van Deelen
We would get a Mike-graine from the speed that our controller can process numbers.
Arjan Lagendijk
Lieselotte van Hest
People may think that Lieselotte lies e lot, but you can 100% trust our youngest family member with all administrative tasks!
Miranda Burgers
Jenneke van Oers
Questions about marketing? For colOers, letter contOers, social media concOers, customer behaviOers... Jenneke is all yOers!
Karst van Leeuwen
Karst is our Distribution Account Manager
Yoni Liphuijsen
Yoni Liphuijsen
Our latest addition to our operations team! Enthusiastic, positive and always a Yonique approach to smoothen all operations within Rackmount.IT. 
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Our USA Team

Sam Gutierrez
Sam Gutierrez
VP of the Americas. Contact Sam for partner onboarding or SAMples.
Jason Pickrell
Jason Pickrell
Jason is our Global Marketing Director. Expert in marketing and a real hero in operJASONs.
Ashley Roncarati
Ashley Roncarati
Ashley is the Distribution Account Manager. She is Ashley the best distribution account manager you can have.
Nyenty Esakenong
Chris Bogart
Chris is our Business Development Manager. Americas, brace yourselves for this sales hero and multitasker, working his way Chris-cross through the field of opportunities and leads. 

Our APAC Team

Mark van der Pijll
Mark van der Pijll
Mark takes care of Marketing and Sales. Marketing without Mark is just e ting.
Manon Polfliet
Nikki de Voogd
Nikki is our graphic designer.


This is Racky. He is our mascot and we are very proud to have him on the team! Legend says he is designed by Jason.

03 Jan 2023

Rackmount.IT goes Australia

Rackmount.IT officially opened their third office. After Breda and Austin we opened an office in Sydney, Australia. We want to expand the business further on this side of the world. Not only with a warehouse but also with an office and Australian team.

03 Jan 2023

01 Dec 2022

350.000 and counting

We have produced 350.000 rack mount kits since the beginning of Rackmount.IT. Let's make a whole lot more!

28 Feb 2022

Introduction of the Cube

We partnered with Fortinet to develop a custom display solution for tradeshows and events. We are able to do a lot more than just our standard rack mount kits as you can see!

28 Feb 2022

01 Jan 2021

New Corporate Identity

Starting 2021 fresh! A new corporate identity was introduced to better reflect what Rackmount.IT is about.

22 Oct 2020

New flush design

The RM-FR-T15 is the first rack mount kit with a flush design. The keystones do not stick out anymore due to a double wall in the rack mount kit.

22 Oct 2020

01 July 2020

Another Warehouse!

After realising a warehouse in the USA in 2017, the next step was to open another one in Australia to better serve our customers in the Australia/NZ region.

01 April 2018

Let there be light

Another engineering challenge! Mounting the new Meraki MX models, which are mounted backwards in the rack, meant that the status light of the firewall became invisible. With a custom designed light pipe, we have brought the status light to the front of the rack. That's what we call attention to every detail.

01 April 2018

28 Nov 2017

USB Coupler

As our first custom connector on the front of the rack, we included a USB coupler. Enabling easy access to the USB port of your firewall.

05 Mar 2018

ISO Certification

Rackmount.IT B.V. is ISO 9001:14001 certified. Goal for 2020 is to include Rackmount.IT LLC within the scope.

Documentation regarding to the quality and environmental policy is available on request in English and Dutch.

05 Mar 2018

06 Jun 2017

First BIG Event

The first big event in which Rackmount.IT participated with its own stand, was the 22nd annual InfoSecurity in London.

03 Oct 2016

More Industrial Needs!

Desktop firewalls can be installed anywhere. That includes high frequency surroundings. With the new Fortinet industrial range this was no longer a problem. With shielded cables and couplers, no more interference!

03 Oct 2016

21 September 2015

DC Power

In September 2015 we successfully developed the DC Power. This device allows your devices to be powered by either 24V or 48V.

05 Dec 2013

16 Connections in 1U

A firewall AND 16 interfaces all to the front, easy. But within 1U? A challenge! Nevertheless, in December 2013 we made our first 1U rack mount kit with 16 interfaces, all easily accessible.

05 Dec 2013

01 April 2011

A Complete Range of Models

In April 2011, a complete range of rack mount models for the leading security vendors (Fortinet, Cisco, SonicWall, & WatchGuard) was launched.

10 May 2010

Rackmount.IT Founded

Eric Cantineau founded Rackmount.IT in 2010 after his frustration of having no rack mount kit available for his FortiGate 100A. It started small, in the Netherlands. Assembly was done by hand by Eric himself.

10 May 2010

30 Jan 2017

Another Office?!

January 2017, we have officially opened our second office, located in Round Rock Texas.

05 Nov 2013

First DIN Project

Soon we noticed industrial needs. We have developed the FortiDIN series to mount your firewall in an industrial DIN setting.

05 Nov 2013