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Join the Rackmount.IT family!

Sign up as a partner and benefit from the advantages that our custom rack mount kits provide to you and your customer. Partnering with Rackmount.IT results in:

  • Reduce operational risks
    Improve your client’s network stability by combining desktop appliances with their custom fit rack mount kit. All appliances and power supplies are safely secured onto the rack, preventing it from accidental loss of connectivity and power. Furthermore, Rackmount.IT ensures that all connections are easy accessible on the front of the rack mount kit.

  • Great upselling opportunity
    Empower your business by simply adding a rack mount kit to all quotes for desktop appliances. Our focus on the channel and market success plan will support your business growth.

  • Distinguish yourself from competitors
    Our rack mount kits have proven to be of great added value for IT pros. The products are often considered as lubricating oil in the engine. Make sure to offer the kits as finishing touch in projects, providing your customer with a clean and secure IT environment.


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The Rackmount.IT family strives to make high quality rack mount kits for all major desktop firewall manufacturers. Our rack mount kits offer a higher value, at a lower price! Front connections, secured power supply, custom cut-outs for airflow and a perfect fit for your specific firewall.



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