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Eaglerack - The innovative vertical wall mount solution

Eaglerack - The innovative vertical wall mount solution

Eaglerack - The innovative vertical wall mount solution

Rackmount.IT, Dutch-based developer and manufacturer of rack mount kits, is launching a new product line. They are globally well-known for their custom rack mount kits for desktop appliances of vendors like WatchGuard and Sophos. As Rackmount.IT’s products become a standard add-on in projects of managed service providers (MSP), the need for smart innovative hardware solutions increased. This resulted in EagleRack.

The challenge

Customers often asked Rackmount.IT to think of a solution that solves two problems. First of all, managed service providers work with hundreds of end users every year to optimize or renew the end user’s IT environments. It’s an ongoing challenge for MSPs to safely secure hardware at the customer’s site. There may not be enough space to install appliances into a full 19 inch cabinet in the customer’s branch office, store or restaurant. Furthermore, decision makers don’t see the point of purchasing a large 19 inch cabinet for every branch office whereas they only need to mount two or three appliances. The second bottleneck in projects is the use of shared IT environments. Especially in government, education, public areas and shared office spaces, a lot of IT equipment is used in shared cabinets. This can be a safety risk as multiple people may have access to appliances of others.  

The solution

Eaglerack is a closed wall mount solution that enables appliances to be mounted vertically in the cabinet. It only consumes half of the width of a normal wall mount cabinet. The Eaglerack will be available in a 2U, 3U and 4U solution so the customer only purchases mounting space that he actually needs. An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) can be mounted at the bottom of the Eaglerack to prevent any loss of power due to power hick-ups. Once mounted on the wall, the Eaglerack leaves approximately three centimeter (one inch) space for cabling. Power cables, ethernet and fiber can all be guided from the ceiling or floor into the Eaglerack and towards the appliances. There is plenty of room for all cables to be allowed into the Eaglerack and still ensure a flat mounting surface on the wall.

Twelve variations available

The Eaglerack portfolio will consist of eight products in total, which will enable the customer to install twelve variations of the vertical wall mount solution. The Eaglerack A-series is the most compact cabinet that comes in 2U, 3U and 4U. It can mount desktop- and shallow 19 inch appliance, as well as a UPS at the bottom of the Eaglerack. The Eaglerack B-series is an extended version of the A-series to accommodate larger 19 inch appliances, as well as an UPS at the bottom of the Eaglerack. Last but not least, both series can be supplied with a lid and lock. This prevents access to ports for anyone who is not authorized to work with the mounted appliances.

Reach out to learn more!

Eaglerack is currently already deployed in stores of a large take-away restaurant in the US and a police force in a European country. Full-size production runs and stock is expected from the beginning of February. Interested in learning more? Leave your details here Eaglerack updates - Rackmount.IT and be the first one to receive news updates. Any current project need? Give our sales team a call on +31762003740.