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Specials and Custom Products

Specials? Show-offs.
RM-FR-T11 Front

The DC-Power SERIES  will allow your firewall to be powered by 24 or 48 volts (wide range) dc power, rather than 115/230 volts ac. The DC-Power series come with standard power connector for Fortinet and SonicWALL appliances. Adapter cables for other vendors are sold separately.

The DC Power can be mounted on any eligable Rackount.IT rack mount kit. We couldn't have made it any easier. The add-on takes 1 minute to install.
RM-FR-T11 Front
RM-FR-T11 Front

The FortiDin makes the FortiGate 60D fit on a DIN Rail form factor to support advanced security solutions for SCADA and other industrial enviroments. The DIN rail mount kit has all the RJ45 connections from the rear on the front panel, including the console connection.

It is available in a 24v (RM-FR-D1B) and 48v (Rm-FR-D1C) DC version, both are protected against power surges, overload and cross-wiring. 
Need a model on a DIN rail? Contact us! We can do anything on a project basis.
This product was developed by Rackmount.IT for a client with special needs. As you can see, the rack houses two FortiGate firewalls and has an addon. This is together with all the standard features of a rack mount kit. Need anything custom? Contact us! We can do almost anything on a project basis.
RM-FR-T11 Back
What you are looking at is a cabinet full of Rackmount.IT products! As you can see we can also create custom branded rack mount kits and custom cable grooves. You name it, we make it.
Rackmount frontplate
Rackmount.IT can deliver almost anything on a project basis. This includes custom made branded blind plates as seen above.
Contact us to discuss your options.