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New FortiGates fits RM-FR-T10

New FortiGates fits RM-FR-T10

Rack mount kit for Fortigate 70F/71F

Recently the newest firewall from Fortinet the FortiGate 70F and 71F was announced. Our RM-FR-T10 is a perfect fit for these new FortiGates. We have enough in stock in our warehouses.

The RM-FR-T10 is now compatible with all below appliances:

  • FortiGate 60E
  • FortiGate 60E-POE
  • FortiGate 60E-DSL
  • FortiGate 61E
  • FortiGate 60F
  • FortiGate 61F
  • FortiGate 70F
  • FortiGate 71F

 Ready, set, order!