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BREAKING! New rackless product line in 2020!

While we receive great and foremost positive reviews from our customers about our rack mount kits, we can’t help but notice we don’t offer a viable product for every company. Namely, those companies without a server rack. We aim to change that this year!

What the Rack are you talking about?

The past few years we helped a lot of customers with a clean looking and easy to access server cabinet for their firewalls. However, many companies do not possess a server cabinet. Therefore our assumption is that mainly SME’s and small service points are out of luck when they are searching for a cost-effective and neat looking solution for their hardware placements.

While this sounds great and all, we still have some assumptions and questions unanswered to looking into the viability and what problems potential customers would like to see solved with this new product. Like our assumption that most hardware setups are placed in narrow spaces. For this reason we launched an online survey where we would love to hear feedback from SME’s and IT-architects who have experience in advising and/or implementing hardware setups without a server rack.

Help us, fill out the survey!

If you’re interested in this new product or have experience regarding hardware setups without a server cabinet, please fill out our survey by clicking here! It takes just two minutes and would help us a ton to successfully develop this new product line.


The Rackmount.IT family strives to make high quality rack mount kits for all major desktop firewall manufacturers. Our rack mount kits offer a higher value, at a lower price! Front connections, secured power supply, custom cut-outs for airflow and a perfect fit for your specific firewall.



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