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Rackmount.IT is founded by Security Innovations to develop, produce and market rack mount accessories. Its origin lies in the frustration of its founder, Eric Cantineau, that no rack mount kit was available for his Fortigate 100A. After a brief market scan, he decided to develop the rack-mount kits by himself. This lead to official start of Rackmount.IT in May 2010.

In April 2011 a complete range of rack mount models for the leading security vendors (Fortinet, Cisco, SonicWall & WatchGuard) is launched.

Rackmount.IT is currently developing new models with active components, the first being the FortiDIN, this model converts a standard desktop FortiGate 60D into a DIN-rail mountable industry unit. This unit can be powered with either 48V DC or 24V DC.  New developments also include smart appliances that convert network appliances into really good remotely managed products.

From an engineering standpoint the RM-FR-T7 was a stretch to fit all the 16 couplers in a 1U model. The FortiGate 70D / 90D has 16 interfaces, and that being one of the key elements of the model, we felt obliged to bring all the ports to the front.... and so we did.

August 2014 Rackmount.IT passed the 25.000 units produced mark!
January 2017 we opened our office in the United States of America.

If you have an appliance that needs a rack-mount kit, don't hesitate to contact us. We can produce a new model very quickly and in any quantity & any color.

Documentation regarding to the quality and environmental policy is available on request in English and Dutch.